“Just Talk to Me” offers a simple call to action for parents based on true statements from adolescents. In the PSA adolescents encourage their parents to talk to them about dating, intimacy, and sexual health.

“Be Safe” highlights the empirical data in which adolescents want their parents to talk to them about sexual safety. The PSA captures moments in a child’s life when his mom encourage safety ( buckling up, wearing a bike helmet), yet when it comes to sexual safety his mom can’t find the words.

“Should I have sex? Conversation with Friends”  – focuses on the importance of parents being a primary source when it comes to sex related topics so that adolescents don’t only rely on peer opinions.

“Post-It Notes” takes a humorous spin on an adolescent leaving post-it notes all over the house asking his dad questions about relationships and sex. It highlight that even though these conversations may be challenging, many adolescents want their parents to talk to them.

“Too Soon – Too Late – Just Right” focuses on finding the right moment to have the sex talk. The PSA tells a story of a mom giving the “sex talk” to a baby (i.e., too soon), a teenage parent (i.e., too late), and a younger teenager (i.e., just right).